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Greetings, dear Visitor. Lavin is my name and welcome to the Street of Dreams. I hope that you will enjoy the comics and drawings that you shall find upon this page, A little note about my influences before you go on. My personal heroes were Osamu Tezuka, Walt Disney, Jack Kirby, along with many other cartoonists, including the very talented people who created the Looney Tunes animations of the 40's and 50's, I truly hope you will enjoy all of my stories, My sole intent was to make them fun and enjoyable to read. I greatly desire to know your opinions so please, do write me at uranodametasur@gmail.com with your comments and feelings.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy New Year for all of you

Thank you for the patience and i hope you stay tuned with the new comics i will launch this year. This is the first, a homage to the Vampirella of the Warren era. This week you will see the cover only but the next week, you will see two pages every week. Thank you once again to all of you and wait for the next super hero parody... "Hot Nights on Gamma Radiation" it will appear  inserted with the Vampi comic. Bye